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Au Pair Alumni

Welcome to the AuPairCare Alumni Page! This is a space for participants of the AuPairCare Au Pair Program to stay connected, share their stories, and begin their lifelong adventure as an AuPairCare Alumni.

By spending time living and working with families in the United States, our au pairs have gained valuable life experience and go on to do some amazing things! Read our stories below and find out how time abroad impacted the lives of our program participants, or share your own! Submit your story below or share your unique program experiences to the official BridgeUSA program on social media!

Share Your Story

Aida from Brazil

Aida from Brazil

Project Management Professional in Training

Being au pair in the USA is a big step, but remember everyday only YOU can make a real, challenge yourself and scream I MADE IT!
Au Pair Sofia from Denmark

Sofia from Denmark

Primary Education Student

I have definitely learned a lot about myself.
Au Pair Ula from Poland

Ula from Poland

Area Director

I love to be once again submerged in this wonderful program that I am so passionate about.

Au Pair Chatchaya from Thailand

Chatchaya from Thailand

Assistant to School Principal

"Definitely being an au pair for a year has changed my English communication skills forever. I gained more confidence to communicate both personally and at work."

Maho from Mexico

Elementary School Teacher

“I'm so proud of the person I am today and thankful to my host family as they made this the most amazing experience ever.”

Lucie from France

Human Resource Assistant

"This year was the best year of my life! It helped me to find my way, to be proud of myself and to improve my English which has been really useful during my studies."

Elvia From Mexico

Student at ITESO

"My au pair experience in five words: love, travel, happiness, fun, smiles!"

South African Au Pair Naomi

Naomi from South Africa

Founder, Half-Day Au Pair

"As an au pair I found my passion for travelling, as well as grew in my passion for childcare. I cannot think of a better way to spend a gap year."

Brazilian Au Pair Alumni Masia

Maisa from Brazil

Educational Advisor

"Now I can say that I´m a citizen of the world instead of only Brazilian."

spanish- au -apair

Miriam from Spain

Studying Primary Education, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

"After this great year I got a backpack full of memories, awesome friends, places and moments that will last forever on my mind!"

Gabriela, Brazilian Au Pair Alumni

Gabriela from Brazil

Internship, Nestle Corporation

"I made life-long friends that I Skype with every other week."

Caroline, A Colombian Au Pair living in the U.S.

Caroline from Colombia

International Account Director

"My goal was to work in a company where I need to use my English every day, and here I am. I tell my story to anyone and it sounds like a dream."

AuPairCare Alumni Christelle

Christelle from France

PR Communications

"Being an Au Pair is not just an adventure, it changes a life."

Au Pair Alumni Michaela

Michaela From Sweden

ER Nurse

"My favorite thing about being an au pair was being a part of an American family!"

AuPairCare Alumni - Yukio from Japan

Yukio from Japan

Working for Qatar Airways

"The most precious thing is that I've made life-long friends during the program"

AuPairCare Alumni Gabi

Gabi from the Czech Republic

AR Coordinator

"My one-year experience opened my eyes even wider to the world."

Au Pair Alumni Anna-Lena from Sweden

Ana-Lena from Sweden

Social Worker

"My years as an au pair gave me cultural experience, something that was crucial in getting the job I have today."

AuPairCare Alumni Jessica from Brazil

Jessica from Brazil

English Teacher

"Being an au pair changed my life, and my way to see the world changed completely!"

AuPairCare Turkish Au Pair

Ayfer from Turkey

Account Manager

"Being an au pair was the best decision I have ever made."

German AuPairCare Au Pair

Franzika from Germany

World Traveler

"Every time I hear someone talking in English next to me I start thinking in English, too."

The Repeat Au Pair Program

Did you enjoy your first time in the U.S. as an au pair and wish you could come back? Now you can!

Au pairs who successfully completed their first au pair program and have lived outside of the US for at least 2 years can return as a repeat au pair. So if you are between the ages of 18-26, you'll have the chance to return to the U.S. and experience living as an AuPairCare au pair all over again. Register and apply today!

* Please note you do not have to have traveled with AuPairCare on your first au pair program to the US. We can accept applications from au pairs that traveled on other U.S. Government approved au pair programs.