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Local AuPairCare Support

Every host family and au pair are assigned an AuPairCare Area Director whose role is to provide support throughout the program experience. Area Directors are the first point of contact for questions that arise during the year and provide guidance and best practices throughout the placement. They meet with host families for an initial Host Family Interview to ensure families understand the requirements and benefits of this cultural exchange Department of State program.

Shortly after the au pair arrives, the Area Director will speak with each party to ensure a safe arrival and schedule an Arrival Orientation to get you started on the path to a successful match.

The Area Director will set ongoing monthly contacts to provide support as needed, and to meet an important requirement of the program. Sharing helpful information about educational options, community offerings, and introducing au pairs through fun monthly activities are just some of what an Area Director will provide. They also plan fun quarterly host family events to expand the cultural exchange experience and assist host families in meeting this additional au pair program requirement.

Area Directors are committed to helping host families and au pairs have meaningful and positive experiences, and to expand global understanding through this cultural exchange childcare program. Building relationships through strong communication, mutual respect and consideration are key factors in a successful program.

An Area Director’s most important role is to help you have a successful and enjoyable year together and they will be with you every step of the way!