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I found myself, who I really am, and I made so many friends that I am still close with three years later! I always heard that home is where your heart beats, and mine definitely beats in America. Thanks to AuPairCare I now have a home, family, friends, and unforgettable memories that I never would have had before. #eternallygreatful I am still au pairing, I loved it so much, that was the first job I found when I came back home. However, I don't Live in, it's fully part time, which is a nice change. I love my little kiddies here, but still miss my not so babies in America. I have their photos all over my bedroom wall still. Apart from that, I have started up my own babysitting company providing families with date night babysitters. I do this in my spare time and have friends who work for me on the weekends.

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