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Once you successfully complete this experience, I think you can do anything what you want in your personal and professional life. I’m planning to visit my host family next year when my au pairs friends from Brazil, Mexico, and France travel back together! Amazing au pair reunion we’ll have. You can have friends for your entire life and from every part of the world you want! After all this experience, I’m working as a key account in an export company. My clients are from the U.S. and I need to negotiate with them in English. I think you need to practice every time, even if you’re back to your home country. My goal was to work in a company where I need to use my English every day and here I am. My other activity in my short free time (I’m studying a post degree too) is doing a workshop with my local agency in Colombia with the next au pairs. Every Saturday I have a meeting with them and I give the proper recommendations in order to be successful in their program. I did an excellent job in my group in Connecticut where I lived, so my local coordinator suggests me that I can help other girls to have the spirit that I have. And I’m here…Helping me, helping others and I finally understand one thing: dream it, work hard and don’t give up.

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