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My year as an au pair in USA has been amazing and I learned a lot. I changed and I'm now more mature. I travelled a lot and I also improved my English so much! I left for the US just after the end of my studies. When I came back to France, I had to search for a job. It was not easy to reactivate the professional network that I had built with my previous internships, but I quickly saw in my first interviews that the employers liked my experience abroad, even if this experience was not in my field of competences. Today, I'm working as PR communication for a troupe. It's my dream job! I know that I got this job in part because of my experience as an au pair. My then-future boss saw that I was open-minded, audacious and I was easy going and open towards people. Now, I know that I'm able to pack my bag and go on a trip by myself without fear, because I know that I can ask for help (in English!) if needed and that I will certainly meet very nice people this way!

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