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AuPairCare Stories

Welcome to AuPairCare Stories, the official blog of AuPairCare. Made for parents and au pairs, AuPairCare Stories offers plenty of advice for every phase of the au pair program. You’ll also find out about the many countries our au pairs hail from and the amazing things they do once they are in the country. Looking for some fun activities for your family? You'll find that here as well!

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists

Every year AuPairCare host families take a moment to recognize the outstanding au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange.

Thursday, January 21st
AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists

We love celebrating all our participants at AuPairCare! Our au pairs however aren’t the only ones who make this program great – this year we were excited to host our annual Ultimate Host Family contest! Read about the amazing host family finalists!

Thursday, January 21st
Au Pairs Live Event At Home Cookie Digital Decorating

Digital Holiday Cookie Decorating for Au Pairs and Families

Last month, au pairs and host families attended a virtual Holiday Cookie Decorating for the holiday season. The event, led by Sweet Samantha, a professional baker who has on popular American shows like Cake Wars and Sweet Genius, was a hit!

Wednesday, January 13th
Fun ways to keep your host children engaged during the wintertime

Keeping Your Kids Entertained This Winter

With temperatures dropping and winter almost here, you're likely to be inside with your family and kids! Check out our fun guide to keeping the kids entertained at home during the long winter months!

Wednesday, January 6th
Activities with your kids and au pair

6 Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities

During this special time of year there are gatherings to attend, lots of delicious foods, and plenty of opportunities for au pairs and host families to share cultures. We put together a handful of fun holiday activities for families to enjoy!

Wednesday, December 23rd
AuPairCare Family Santa Photo

4 Secrets to a Successful Holiday Season with your Au Pair

The holiday season is a favorite time of year at AuPairCare because of the wonderful experiences that host families and au pairs can have together. Au pairs look forward to experiencing this festive season through the lens of an American household. Here's a few ways you can work together to make this holiday season great.

Wednesday, December 16th
Featured AuPairCare Au Pair Mildreth from Mexico

Featured Au Pair: Mildreth from Mexico

Au pair Mildreth from Mexico - Milly to her host family - has been a superhero during these tricky times. Her host family says "we look forward to more memories and having her as part of our family!"

Wednesday, December 9th

Preparing for the Future: Au Pair Resume Building Tips with Pace University

From time management to perfecting a second language, the skills au pairs gain during a program year are invaluable! We recently held a virtual Resume Building event where au pairs learned how to carry over their new skills into professional experince.

Wednesday, December 2nd
Celebrating International Au Pair Day with AuPairCare

Celebrating International Au Pair Day!

Happy International Au Pair Day! Check out what AuPairCare au pairs are saying about this extra special day.

Tuesday, November 24th
AuPairCare Au Pairs Supporting Charity Little Heroes Foundation Gold Pumpkins

Pumpkin Decorating for the Little Hero Foundation

At a recent virtual event, au pairs and host children took part in a pumpkin decorating and craft session for a fantastic cause. Participants were asked to decorate a pumpkin with gold in support of children’s cancer research led by the Little Hero Foundation with $1 donated to advanced children's cancer research.

Wednesday, November 18th