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Current Host Family Resources

Find information for current host families below, including how to renew or extend with AuPairCare, extension program pricing, tax information and details about your au pair's insurance and Visa.

Host Family Renewal Application

Ready to host a new au pair for another program year?

It’s easy to renew your host family application online and start viewing au pair profiles. AuPairCare recommends that host families renew their application at least 4 months prior to their current au pair’s U.S. departure. Simply login to your Family Portal and update your existing host family profile. 

Special Savings:

AuPairCare thanks our returning families by offering various discounts and benefits. All families will enjoy a waived application fee ($50 savings) plus a $500 program fee discount on your next 12 month (overseas or in-country) au pair following a completed placement. 

*The repeat host family discount cannot be combined with other offers and is valid only when welcoming a 12 month (overseas or in-country) au pair. 

AuPairCare Extension Program

The Extension Program is a wonderful opportunity to provide your family with continuous childcare for up to two years. After welcoming an au pair to your home for the first year, you and your au pair will have the option to extend your time together.

Program Details:

  • Host families and au pairs may extend their program one time for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months. You may only extend with your au pair once.
  • Au pairs will continue to work up to 45 hours per week, receive a weekly stipend from the host family, and earn vacation time as outlined in the Host Family Agreement.
  • The Department of State required educational component must be repeated during the extension period.

How to Apply:

AuPairCare recommends that host families and au pairs apply to the Extension Program after the au pair has been in the U.S. for at least seven months. Login to your Host Family portal to complete your Host Family Extension Application. Your au pair will then need to complete the Au Pair Extension application and submit proof of Completed Educational Coursework. AuPairCare verifies au pair education by contacting institutions and confirming au pair participation. You will then need to finalize and pay for the extension once your au pair submits her portion of the application. 

Extension Application Deadline Dates:

Extension applications must be submitted by the extension deadline which is 40 days prior to your program end date. You'll find additional information about how to extend in your Family Room portal six months prior to your program end date. Unfortunately, AuPairCare can’t accommodate late applications.

Extension Program Pricing: Year Two

  12-Month Extension 9-Month Extension 6-Month Extension
DOS Processing Fee $367 $367 $367
Program Fee
(due 30 days prior to extension start)
+ up to $500 towards additional 6 credit units
*includes repeat host family discount
+ up to $500 towards additional 6 credit units
+ up to $250 towards additional 3 credit units

The Department of State Fee is due upon completion of the host family and au pair extension application request. This pricing is only applicable to host families extending with their current au pair who has been in the home a minimum of six months. All other extension matches are subject to fees of $750 per month.

AuPairCare offers a Payment Plan for 12 month extension au pairs only. 

DOS Processing Fee Down Payment 4 Program Fee Installments
due with extension application
due 30 days prior to extension start
$1,135 each
each month beginning 60 days after extension start

*$475 Payment Plan Fee is included.

Travel and J-1 Visa Renewal and Extension Information

During the extension program, if an au pair wishes to travel outside of the United States, she may need to renew her J-1 Visa or obtain an additional tourist visa. An au pair must have her extension approved by the Department of State prior to the visa renewal appointment at a U.S. Embassy.

Please note: Au pairs from certain countries may be required to obtain a tourist visa to enter a foreign country. The J-1 Visa for the United States does not automatically grant entry into other countries. The au pair is responsible for checking the requirements for their home country.

Tax Information for Host Families

Current host families can find general guidelines regarding childcare taxes on our blog, and more in depth resources by logging into your Family Portal and searching "taxes". We hope this information will assist you in preparing for a conversation with your tax advisor or the IRS.

AuPairCare is not licensed to provide official tax advice, so we cannot provide host families or au pairs tax advice regarding program fee and wage inquiries. Tax laws vary from state to state, so we encourage host families and au pairs to consult with a local professional tax advisor or directly with the Internal Revenue Service for any specific questions regarding taxation.

Au Pair Travel and Accident Insurance

Insurance Overview:

All current au pairs are covered under a travel and accident insurance policy arranged by AuPairCare as part of their au pair benefits package and will be automatically enrolled with United Healthcare. For details of our au pair's coverage, their insurance card, or to search the network of preferred provider doctors au pairs can log into the Student Zone site.  Au pairs can also visit their Au Pair Room account for frequently asked questions and other important insurance information. It is your au pair's responsibility to familiarize yourself with the policy coverage and exclusions.

More information is available for your au pair in their Au Pair Room Portal.