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Au Pair Program Details

Get ready for the best year of your life! AuPairCare is excited to welcome you on program and to be with you each step of the way. Our affordability, mutual matching and constant support have made AuPairCare a top-rated, and most respected agency within the au pair community.

Matching with a Family

The needs of our au pairs are just as important as those of our families, which is why we do mutual matching. Ready to learn more? Let's start with the interview and matching process:

online registration

Create Your Online Profile

After you register and complete your application, you will be added to our online matching system where host families will be able to view your au pair profile. All families in our system have completed a criminal background check and in-person interview.

interview with family

Host Family Interviews

When families are interested in learning more about you, they'll schedule an interview over the phone or through Skype. You'll have a chance to ask each family questions and learn about each other's lifestyle and expectations. You can talk with many families, and typically you’ll speak with a family two or more times before deciding to match.


Travel To the United States

The choice is yours! After you and a host family both agree to a match and decide on an arrival date, AuPairCare will book your flight to the United States. All  au pairs travel first to NYC to experience the unique AuPairCare Connect upon arrival! 

Your Au Pair Academy Training Experience

Your training program and introduction to the United States begins before you leave home! Once you match, you will receive access to AuPairCare's Academy Training Program, which you can complete at your own speed prior to your departure. The training will cover all things related to childcare, CPR and First Aid, as well as an introduction to life in the U.S.A. Through a mix of videos, lessons, and interactive webinars with other future au pairs, Academy will prepare you for your time in America as an au pair.

Once you complete your online training, you will fly to New York City for AuPairCare Connect where you’ll meet new friends, make long-lasting connections, and feel confident and supported as you begin your time as an au pair in the United States. From NYC, you will arrive at your host family's home and begin your program. We can't wait to welcome you to the U.S.A!

au pair training

Support in the U.S.A.

Once you arrive at your host family’s home, you will meet your local Area Director, who will support you and your host family for the entire program. Your Area Director lives near you and is there to make sure you are safe and happy. They will be the first person you contact with any questions or issues that arise during your year abroad.

Your Area Director will also:

  • Introduce you to other au pairs in your area and coordinate fun monthly events
  • Provide you with information on your new city, such as local universities where you can take classes
  • Answer all of your questions about travel and official documents
  • But their most important role is to help both you and your host family have a successful and enjoyable year together!

Fees and Earnings

The cost to join the au pair program varies by country, but you can expect to pay a fee between $240 - $2,500 which covers application processing, English testing and interviews, DiSC personality assessment and J-1 Visa Preparation. No portion of that fee is used to pay for the costs of the international airfare of domestic U.S. transportation. Once you begin your application, you will be contacted by a knowledgeable AuPairCare representative in your country who will provide you with more detailed information about program costs.

You will also need to plan on a few additional costs that are not included in the program, such as Visa charges ($160 USD at the time of writing), transportation to/from your personal interview and Embassy appointment, any fees incurred for acquiring a basic police check, medical records, international driving license or a passport.

AuPairCare’s minimum weekly stipend is $215 per week, which is higher than the U.S. Department of State minimum. The U.S. Department of State calculation of the minimum weekly stipend is based on the federal minimum wage with a 40% deduction for room and board in exchange for childcare services. Host families and au pairs are free to agree to compensation even higher than the legally applicable minimum.

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