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The au pair programm changed my life for sure! I improved my English, but what was more important I met a lot of great persons thanks to the au pair program. I saw the world, I met great people..I will always remember it! I am back in my home country. I work in big international outsourcing company as AR coordinator.When I came back home I found job in Accenture Services (a big international outsourcing company.)I work as team coordinator. My team has 8 members. I use English every day. I am mainly responsalbe for South European countries. I met the most amazing people during my year in the USA. I met one of the most amazing girl from Japan..We are good friends..I visited her in Osaka, Japan. I became friend with the sister and her mom. They visit me last Christmas here in Czech Rep. Since I came back I've visited several countries: Japan, UAE, Vietnam, India, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

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