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Host Family Program Details

Childcare is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. Our screening process, designated, personalized matching experts, and ongoing support are in place at AuPairCare so you’ll have the peace of mind you’ve selected the best childcare option for your family.

Cultural Exchange
Au Pair Program

Before an Au Pair Arrives
Au Pair Quality Screening, Selection, and Placement
Before an Au Pair Arrives
Sponsorship of J-1 Au Pair Visa
Before an Au Pair Arrives
Designated, Personalized Au Pair Matching Experts and Support
Before an Au Pair Arrives
Au Pair Training Academy
Before an Au Pair Arrives
Au Pair Flights and Travel Arrangements Provided by AuPairCare
Before an Au Pair Arrives
Au Pair Travel and Accident Insurance
As Au Pair Arrives
AuPairCare Connect - A Unique NYC Experience
After an Au Pair Arrives
Year-round, 24-hour Emergency Assistance and Support
After an Au Pair Arrives
Monthly Check-In with Local
AuPairCare Area Directors
After an Au Pair Arrives
Designated Local Area Director Support
After an Au Pair Arrives
Monthly Cultural Exchange & Host Family Event Opportunities

Au Pair Requirements and Screening

US Department Of State J1 Visa Program Seal

We recruit au pairs from 40 different countries and are committed to accepting only the most qualified applicants into our program. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive screening process designed to assess an au pair’s childcare experience, personality, skills, and motivation for becoming an au pair. Our screening process ensures that every au pair is able to provide the best care for your family.

Beyond the core requirements defined by the Department of State, AuPairCare au pairs must meet extensive AuPairCare requirements and are evaluated on their background and suitability for the program.

U.S. Department of State Requirements:

Applicants 18-26 Years Old
Good Health
Conversational English
Graduation from Secondary School or Equivalent
Police Background Check
Previous Childcare Experience
Two Non-Family Childcare References
One Non-Family Personal Reference
Individual, In-Person Interview in English
Psychometric Evaluation - DISC Personality Assessment

Additional AuPairCare Evaluations:

Childcare History, Experience, and Skills
Motivation for Becoming an Au Pair
Medical History and Current Health Status
More than 200 Hours of Childcare Experience
Drivers License Status
Personal Lifestyle, Interests, Family, and Education Information

Host Family Responsibilities

As a Department of State regulated program, AuPairCare follows industry standards for family qualifications. To be eligible to host an au pair, you must be a U.S. Citizen or a legal permanent resident with a Green Card, speak English as the primary language in the home, pass a criminal background check, and be open to a one year au pair program. Each host family must also:

  • Provide the au pair with a private bedroom:
    comparable room in home with a safe exit (meets building codes), adult size bed and closet
  • Ensure your au pair works no more than 45 hours per week or 10 hours per day
  • Limit the au pair's responsibilities to childcare and light housekeeping as it relates to the children
  • Pay the au pair the minimum weekly stipend* and provide an educational allowance up to $500 towards accredited courses
  • Provide your au pair with transportation to classes and to monthly au pair meetings

Au Pair Training

The US Department of State requires all J-1 participants to complete mandatory child development and safety training prior to their arrival in your home.  Our Academy program is specifically designed to provide au pairs with a series of extensive training comprised of interactive and engaging online courses and live classroom webinars.

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The Au Pair Interview and Matching Process

Finding the right au pair for your family is easy with AuPairCare. From recommending au pairs to setting up interviews, we're with you every step of the way.


Family Room

Once you register and apply, you'll gain access to our award-winning database to search for au pairs based on childcare experience, skills, nationality, language, age, driving status and more.

matching people

Matching Experts

Our dedicated team plays an active role in helping you find the right au pair, addresses program questions, and offers recommendations around your family's specific wants and needs for your family.

video call


When you find an au pair you’re interested in, we’ll help you set up an interview. During these calls, you can share information about your family and learn about an au pair to see if the match will be a good fit.


Mutual Match

After you decide on an au pair and both agree to match, you'll choose an arrival date. We'll take care of the visa paperwork and flights, and help you plan for your au pair's arrival after AuPairCare Connect in NYC.

*The U.S. Department of State calculation of the minimum weekly stipend is based on the federal minimum wage with a 40% deduction for room and board in exchange for childcare services. AuPairCare minimum weekly stipend is $215 per week which is higher than the U.S. Department of State minimum. Host families and au pairs are free to agree to a weekly stipend even higher than the $215 per week minimum. The minimum au pair stipend, educational reimbursement, and other options are subject to change based on updates to federal au pair regulations. Host families are obligated to pay the minimum weekly stipend and it cannot be withheld for any reason. Should any change occur, AuPairCare will notify all impacted parties.

Local Program Support

Choosing a live-in au pair is a unique experience, and it’s why AuPairCare is dedicated to supporting you throughout the program. As a host family, you’ll receive guidance and advice from your local Area Director, who lives in your community, and will be there with you every step of the way!

Your Area Director is your first point of contact and will support you in the following ways:

  • Meet with you during the Host Family Interview to provide helpful information about hosting an au pair
  • Answer your questions before, during and after your au pair’s arrival
  • Contact you within 48 hours of your au pair’s arrival to your home
  • Conduct an arrival orientation with you and your au pair to ensure a smooth program start
  • Maintain monthly contacts with you and your au pair
  • Provide your au pair with local information about educational opportunities
  • Organize regular au pair activities and outings in your community
  • Plan quarterly events for host families in your community

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