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I was about 12 years old when I first heard about au pairs, and since then it was my biggest wish to become one myself. There will probably never be a chance again to meet so many people from so many places, the girls were from Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Poland, France, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and so many more countries. And because you are sharing the same experiences, good and bad ones of course, you are making very good and maybe lifelong friends. Today I couldn't image a life without them. Finding and having friends you can share your experiences and problems with is important. Traveling – another exciting point you can do while your year abroad. I did a road trip from Texas to Montana with my host family, I've been in Milwaukee, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco during the year and while on my travel month I went down the East Coast from Boston to Orlando. I remember sitting in the plane back to Germany and thinking, that now everything is over. But after a few weeks I discovered that this one year is going to affect me probably forever. I can't watch adapted movies anymore, I watch them either in English or not at all. While looking at the clock I automatically think about what time it is at my host family’s house. And every time I hear someone talking in English next to me I start thinking in English, too. It even came to me that I ordered something in English in a restaurant. Everyone who loves to be around kids and has no fears to go on an adventure and explore a new culture should think about becoming an au pair. I would do it anytime again!

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