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Host Family Benefits

Au pair childcare gives you flexible scheduling, dependability and a meaningful cultural experience. You’re not only gaining another family member, you’re making parenthood a little easier! 

The AuPairCare Program

Our standard overseas au pair program is a year-long experience welcoming a reliable and loving au pair into your home. All of our au pairs speak conversational English and provide live-in childcare for 45 hours per week, up to 10 hours per day.  After your first year together, you and your au pair can agree to extend the program for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months, providing up to two years of continuous care.

We also offer in-country au pairs, who are already in the United States and are typically available for shorter-term placements.

AuPairCare Training

All our au pairs receive rigorous training through our Academy program, ensuring that your au pair has a solid knowledge of child development, caregiving, discipline, and safety, including First Aid and CPR training and certification prior to arriving to your home. This training also covers life in the U.S.A. so au pairs can gain a better understanding of the responsibilities that come with living with and caring for children of an American family. 

AuPairCare offers additional online training courses so you can choose to train your au pair in topics important to your family. Those with infants or toddlers can enroll their au pair in our All About Toddlers or All About Infants training programs. Or choose from a variety of Advanced Online Training courses covering subjects from Food & Nutrition, to Positive Discipline, Academic Success, and Education at Home. These courses can be taken at any time during an au pair's program year, ensuring that your au pair's child care skills match the unique needs of your family.

For example, a family with an infant and toddler may choose to enroll their au pair in our All About Infants Program, as well as our Positive Discipline and Food & Nutrition courses. A family with school-aged kids may enroll their au pair in Education at Home, Screen-Free Play & Learning, and Teaching a Foreign Language. No matter what your childcare priorities are, AuPairCare has a number of training plans to fit your family.


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Au Pairs vs. Nannies vs. Daycare

    • Deciding on the right childcare solution for your family takes thought and time. There are pros and cons to every option - but we believe the benefits of au pair childcare are hard to find elsewhere. One host mom describes the experience she’s had with her au pair.

      She’s not just a childcare provider; she’s a member of our family. She’s my parenting partner- Host Mom Marisa

      How else do au pairs compare to nannies and daycares? We did the research on location, adult to child ratio, and more.


      Compare Your Options

    • One of our recent Ultimate Au Pair winners, Mayara from Brazil, is loved dearly by both her host parents and host children. Below is the video she created to remind her host kids how special they are to her.


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