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Trusted Childcare for your Family

Parents today are facing challenges like never before. We believe childcare should help make parenthood a little easier. When you welcome an au pair into your home, you give your family quality, live-in childcare – with a cultural twist. With AuPairCare, you gain reliable and flexible support that grows with your family.

What is an Au Pair?

An au pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family for a year and provides in-home childcare (like a nanny, but better)! Au pairs travel to the U.S. on a legal J-1 Visa and work up to 45 hours per week in exchange for the opportunity to live with an American family. Because au pairs provide live-in childcare, they offer greater flexibility, caring for your children at times that accommodate your family's individual schedule. Au pairs can fulfill a variety of roles that help your family thrive and grow. Over and over, we hear amazing stories from our families and au pairs about what an au pair really is:

  • Au Pair Big Sister or Brother

    A Big Sister or Brother

    • From playing make-believe to helping with homework, au pairs become the older sibling your kids have always wanted.

  • Au Pair Sous Chef

    A Sous Chef for the Kids

    • Once you start searching for your au pair, you'll notice they love touting their culinary skills. Some may even have creative ways to get kids to eat their veggies.

  • Au Pair Resposible Adult

    Another Responsible Adult

    • During hectic times, an extra set of hands is sometimes all you need.

  • Au Pair Extended Family

    A New Family Member

    • After welcoming an au pair to their home, many families find they've gained a lifelong relationship - and a new member of their family - visiting overseas for holidays and even attending weddings.

Au Pair Responsibilities

Throughout your year together, your au pair can take on many responsibilities to help you with a broad range of childcare needs – the details are for you to decide. Typically, au pairs care for children and related tasks such as:

    • Entertaining your children and teaching them about a new culture

    • Preparing your children's meals and cleaning up after their mealtime

    • Helping with homework, packing lunches and taking your children to school

    • Driving your children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

    • Assisting with light household childcare related tasks such as doing your children’s laundry and keeping their rooms tidy

    • Bathing and dressing your children

Search Au Pairs

Areas Served

From coast to coast, AuPairCare places au pairs with families through most of the United States. In order to service your area, it is a Department of State requirement that you live within an hour of one of our local Area Directors. Call us at 800.428.7247 or explore our service areas to learn more about why AuPairCare families love our unique childcare option.

{"testimonials":[{"testimonial":{"title":"The Kruse Family, Colorado","body":"The end of the work day used to feel like the beginning of an even more challenging \u201cjob.\u201d... Now that time of day is actually fun! We have more\u00a0time to talk\u00a0at the table, take a family walk after dinner,\u00a0sing and dance while we brush teeth, tell jokes while we lay in bed with them. All thanks to\u00a0our au pair Cata.\u00a0","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Colorado","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/kruse-host-family-colorado.jpg","alt":"Colorado Host Family"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The Horan Family, Georgia","body":"Sonja displays all the qualities you could ever imagine: love, compassion, empathy, flexiblility, patience and responsibility. She is not only our children's au pair, she has become part of our family.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Georgia","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/bradenburg-host-family-georgia.jpg","alt":"Host Mom Georgia"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The Quirk Family, Virginia","body":"Most parents are accustomed to receiving feedback from teachers or coaches about how their children are doing, but we have grown accustomed to teachers, coaches and other parents commenting on how wonderful our au pair \u00a0is with the kids.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Virginia","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/virginia-aupaircare-family.jpg","alt":"virginia-host-parents"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The Young Family, Minnesota","body":"We had been thinking about getting an au pair for many years and after our fourth\u00a0child was born, it was the most obvious choice. We decided on an au pair to meet our daycare needs but soon realized it was so much more than that.\u00a0My husband and I both work full time and I've never had a doubt my kids are safe, loved and cared for all of the time.\u00a0\u00a0","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Minnesota","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/young-host-family-minnesota.jpg","alt":"Minnesota Host Family"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The McAninch Family, North Carolina","body":"We\u2019ve tried other au pair programs before. We chose AuPairCare because of the reliable, consistent care and the outstanding support from our local Area Director for both us and our au pair.\u00a0","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"North Carolina","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/mcaninch-host-family-north-carolina.jpg","alt":"North Carolina Au Pair Host Mom and Child"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The Patterson Family, Maryland","body":"Through this experience, we have gained extended family. We have built a positive relationship with our au pair who has proven to be a nurturing, loving, warm, compassionate and understanding person.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Maryland","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/patterson-host-family-maryland.jpg","alt":"Maryland Host Parents"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"The Zambruni Family, California","body":"Our family feels that we hit the jackpot when our au pair Mariana arrived and can\u2019t imagine what our home would be like without her. The best way to describe what has happened since Mariana\u2019s arrival is to say that we, quite unexpectedly, received not just a caregiver, but a new daughter.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"California","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/zambruni-host-family-california.jpg","alt":"California Au Pair Family"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Host Mom Lori, New York","body":"I am a truly blessed Host Mom. My au pair has had a tremendous effect in my son\u2019s life and our home. I know when I am at work, he is safe and cared for.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"New York","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/lori-host-mom-new-york_0.jpg","alt":"new-york-host-mom"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Host Mom Sally, Washington","body":"We\u00a0weren't\u00a0ready for our newborn to go to daycare, so an au pair\u00a0really was the best option for us. My daughter is getting one on one attention during these critical early years.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Washington","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/sally-host-mom-washington.jpg","alt":"Washington AuPairCare Mom"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Host Dad Brian, Illinois","body":"AuPairCare allowed us to take our time matching. The result was an\u00a0au pair that really bonded with\u00a0us and most importantly our children.\u00a0She feels like a real member of our family.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Illinois","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/brian-host-dad-illinois.jpg","alt":"Illinois Host Dad"}}},{"testimonial":{"title":"Host Mom Faye, Texas","body":"I love the constant check-ins from our au pair Maria. When my son James was home sick, she gave constant updates on how he was feeling, it was the next best thing to me being home myself.","field_category":"Host Family","field_state":"Texas","field_image":{"src":"\/\/\/sites\/default\/files\/images\/faye-host-mom-texas.jpg","alt":"Texas AuPairCare Host Mom"}}}]}
At this time, AuPairCare is holding acceptance of applications in Massachusetts until we get further guidance from the Department of State on the implementation of the au pair cultural exchange program in that State.

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