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Being an au pair changed my life, and my way to see the world changed completely! In my country you must have good English skills and a college degree in order to get a good job. I'm currently working in an English school where I teach teenagers and adults English as a second language in the city where I live and going to college and I love it! Thanks to my experience abroad I got the job! I was totally bitten by the travel bug, my ambitions are small I just want to travel around the world now! Such a small dream, right? I just know that thanks to the program I got to meet an awesome family that welcomed me like part of the family and I met awesome people who I still keep in touch from Skype. I could see and learn so much, and now that I'm back, sometimes I feel like I left my home in USA and I'm living abroad here, is kind of funny. I say to every single person I know to be an au pair. Not saying is easy but it's an amazing experience and that no one can take from me.

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