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Au Pair Training

Each of our au pairs undergoes Au Pair Academy safety training prior to joining their host family, either through our Virtual Academy training program, or in-person at Au Pair Academy. On top of CPR, first aid, and child development. AuPairCare au pairs have a variety of training options available, all with a focus on communication and child safety. In addition our Academy training, au pairs can take advanced online training courses before or during their program year.

AuPairCare Teaching a Foreign Language

AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Teaching a Foreign Language

Introducing Teaching a Foreign Language! One part of our new advanced online training courses created especially for AuPairCare au pairs.

Wednesday, May 1st
AuPairCare Positive Discipline for All Ages

AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Positive Discipline for All Ages

Introducing Positive Discipline for All Ages! One part of our new advanced online training courses created especially for AuPairCare au pairs. 

Wednesday, April 3rd

Au Pair Academy Welcomes Almost 300 Au Pairs!

For our first January arrival, Au Pair Academy welcomed our biggest arrival group yet - almost 300 au pairs!

Friday, January 19th
au pair drive safety

Au Pair Safety: Never Drive Distracted

At Au Pair Academy, we reinforce to our au pairs all aspects of child safety. The learning doesn’t stop after they've reached their placements however. This month AuPairCare is partnering with the National Safety Council to remind all au pairs about the importance of not being distracted drivers.

Thursday, April 20th
Au Pairs New York City and AuPairCare Academy

The Top Ten Things Au Pairs Will Love About Au Pair Academy!

Au pair Academy is your first stop in the United States! It's a time to meet au pairs from all over the world and learn about your year ahead with AuPairCare. Read about the top ten things you'll LOVE about au pair academy!

Thursday, March 16th
au pair academy

Notes from Au Pair Academy

At the end of an Au Pair Academy session last summer, an au pair left a special note to thank the team for making her feel so welcome her first days in the United States.

Thursday, August 11th

Hear From an Au Pair: Your Au Pair Pre-Departure Project

Au pairs have a lot to do before leaving their home countries and beginning their program year in America. One of the most important items on their list is AuPairCare Academy’s pre-departure project. Learn more about the time and effort our au pairs put into this project.

Wednesday, November 11th

What Makes AuPairCare Academy Special?

In this video learn how the AuPairCare Academy training program teaches au pairs what to expect when caring for children.

Saturday, November 7th

AuPairCare Infant Specialized Curriculum

The curriculum for AuPairCare’s infant specialized program is built around the idea that maintaining child safety is the most important aspect of an au pair’s duties. As the first agency to develop an Infant Specialized program we’ve been able to fine tune our curriculum over the years. Over 20 specific topics are addressed during the 5 day program in a hands on environment that includes a real nursery. Read some of the highlights!

Wednesday, April 22nd

Oh Baby! Infant Specialized Training in the Spotlight

Our Infant Specialized au pairs go through extra training to learn the American way of care-giving, along with key topics such as safety, Infant CPR certification, First Aid Training, baby massage, and infant sign language.

Sunday, July 6th