AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Screen-Free Play & Learning

AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Screen-Free Play & Learning

Introducing Screen-Free Play & Learning!

Now, more than ever before, children are surrounded by technology and screens meant to teach and entertain. While some families embrace this, others are looking to their childcare providers to find Screen-Free ways to engage their children. Our newest course prepares au pairs for this challenge by teaching them the educational & developmental value of play in all its forms. AuPairCare is excited to offer a new online course to help au pairs support and encourage learning during play time. This course was created in partnership with Joni Levine (M.A. Ed.) of Child Care Lounge, an accredited online institution for teachers.

By the end of the Screen-Free Play & Learning course, your au pair will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and benefits of play
  • List the different kinds of play and the skills children develop
  • Understand the benefits of screen-free play time
  • Suggest screen time limits as recommended by the American Pediatrics Association
  • Suggest activities and games for each developmental stage
  • Respond effectively to disagreements between children
  • Identify how to keep children safe outdoors & indoors
  • Examine toy labels and video game labels for age-appropriateness

Additionally, your au pair will receive printable worksheets, activities, and educational articles and videos. With these tools, your au pair will be able to navigate understand and support your efforts in creating screen-free play and learning for your child. The cost of the Screen-Free Play & Learning Advanced Training course is $79 and is available for purchase in your Family Room Portal.

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