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AuPairCare's New Virtual Trainings: All About Infants & All About Toddlers

AuPairCare New Online Au Pairs Training: All About Infants & All About Toddlers

AuPairCare is always looking for ways to improve the au pair experience for both host families and au pairs, especially as we expand our online offerings. In addition to our interactive Virtual Academy program, we are excited to offer families two new digital training options: All About Infants & All About Toddlers.

Developed as enhanced training for Virtual Academy au pairs, All About Infants and All About Toddlers are half-day courses that boost au pair expertise. Both age-specific courses teach au pairs about the important developmental milestones of infants and toddlers to further develop their childcare knowledge and confidence. 

All About Infants and All About Toddlers au pairs receive AuPairCare’s quality training program delivered through dynamic online courses crafted by an AuPairCare Academy Trainer – the same trainings offered at our in-person Academy. The All About Infants course begins with extensive infant safety training, covering safety at bath time, at sleep time, and in the car. Additionally, au pairs learn helpful infant sleep and soothing methods for those tricky developmental leaps your baby goes through. Meanwhile, through All About Toddlers, au pairs can enhance their childcare experience with lessons on toddler potty training and sleep training methods, how to build routines and schedules for your little ones, and monitoring behavior and discipline. Both All About courses teach au pairs how to monitor critical stages of child development and showcase stimulating language and play activities that they can easily apply in their day-to-day care. AuPairCare’s All About courses include the same great training as our in-person courses, with each course including a variety of resources to facilitate au pair learning. 


Each course is offered at $349. Visit your portal or more information on purchasing All About Infants and All About Toddlers, visit your portal here.

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