AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Academic Success K-8

AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Academic Success K-8

Introducing Academic Success K-8!

School is back in session and having an au pair who can assist with school activities beyond pick-up and drop-offs can be a big help for busy families. With this in mind, AuPairCare is happy to announce our latest au pair training " Academic Success K-8. Incorporating feedback from AuPairCare host families, this new online course aims to assist au pairs in jumping right into the hustle and bustle of the academic year. From getting your children up and out the door, to coaching tired and sometimes-cranky children through homework hour, having your au pair knowledgeable of all things-school related will make the academic year that much smoother.

By the end of the Academic Success K-8 course, your au pair will:

  • Understand the American school system and their potential role in school success
  • Learn the art of packing lunches and tips for the ideal school day
  • Identify specific techniques to use in test preparation, homework, and studying
  • Learn tips and tools to manage a busy school schedule, and what to do in case of school-related emergencies
  • Identify ways to connect with children on the topics of bullying and school-related anxiety

Additionally, you au pair will receive printable worksheets, activities, and educational articles and videos. With these tools, your au pair will be able to navigate the nuances of the school-year and guide your child towards academic success. The cost of the Academic Success K-8 Advanced Training course is $79 and is available for purchase in your Family Room portal.

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