All About Toddlers Training Program

All About Toddlers Training Program
“This class prepared me perfectly for taking care of a toddler!” - Au Pair Leni from Germany

The toddler years can be a roller coaster! Your child is beginning to have their own thoughts and ideas and they are entering an important time in terms of physical, social, and emotional development. We know how important it is for parents to find a caregiver who will be there to nurture their little one, which is why AuPairCare offers the All About Toddlers course.

AuPairCare’s All About Toddlers course was designed for families looking for a caregiver who is specially trained to care for toddlers and young children. This dynamic online course covers relevant topics such as building important routines and schedules, potty training, sleep training methods, and yoga with toddlers. It also touches on how to identify and track the developmental stages toddlers experience. 

More details of the topics covered in this course include:  

  • Meals & Nutrition: Au pairs will  learn to reinforce the nutritional needs of toddlers and focus on mealtime success with topics such as addressing picky eaters.  
  • Sleep & Naptime: Covers the amount of sleep recommended and tips for naptime. 
  • Common Illnesses & Treatments: Provides detailed information on the types of illness a toddler might experience and signs to look for, as well as common methods for treating each. Also provides detailed information on medications that should not be given to toddlers. 
  • Potty Training: Through instructor-led guidance, interactive modules, and example scenarios, we ensure au pairs excel in fostering successful potty training experiences for toddlers under their care. 
  • Importance of Play:  This is a comprehensive coverage of the developmental benefits of play. Subjects such as helping a toddler prepare for pre-school and developing their communication skills are covered. 
  • Behavior & Discipline: Positive techniques are covered comprehensively with examples of phrases to use and how to apply them. Clear explanations of how to effectively encourage toddlers through process praise is provided.

AuPairCare’s All About Toddler’s curriculum was designed to get au pairs excited about caring for toddlers as well as reminding them of the impact their care will have on toddler development.

These courses can be purchased and are a great addition to enhance their au pair’s knowledge in addition to their mandatory courses.

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