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AuPairCare's New Advanced Online Training: Teaching a Foreign Language

AuPairCare Teaching a Foreign Language

Introducing Teaching a Foreign Language!

When au pairs come to the U.S., they bring a unique experience and language exchange is one of the main reasons why host families choose to host an au pair. 

Incorporating feedback from AuPairCare host families, this online course guides au pairs on how to effectively teach their host children their native language.

By the end of the Teaching a Foreign Language course, your au pair will:

  • Understand the benefits of learning a new language 
  • Describe the six core principles of language learning 
  • Understand their role in a host child's development
  • Identify opportunities in their everyday life to apply the principles they've learned
  • Suggest hands-on activities in line with scientific research

Additionally, your au pair will receive printable worksheets, activities, and educational articles and videos. With these tools, your au pair will be able to navigate the many opportunities for language learning during her program year. The cost of the Teaching a Foreign Language Advanced Training course is $79 and is available for purchase in your Family Room portal.

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