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Three New Ways to Make Summer Reading Fun!


It’s summer once again and time for camp, road trips and fun in the sun! Last year we highlighted a few helpful ways that au pairs and parents can keep children engaged in reading during the months off from school. We’ve updated that list for summer 2017! Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your child’s favorite books with us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

  1. Have fun with technology by joining the annual Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge which is open now through September 8th, 2017. Children can log their reading minutes online, take weekly challenges and earn virtual prizes!
  2. Barnes and Noble has a great summer program for kids, Imagination's Destination, which allows children to download a Barnes and Noble Reading Journal, read and summarize 8 books, and then bring the complete journal into a store location for their choice of a free book from a pre-selected list!
  3. From kindergarten through the 8th grade, the American Library Association has you covered with age appropriate reading lists. Have a family night where everyone can discuss their favorite books!
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