5 Springtime Activities for your Family

5 Springtime Activities for your Family

Spring is finally here! For those of us who have been cooped up inside for the last 6 months during what felt like the longest winter on record, or even those of you who have been experiencing a mild winter, spring brings with it visions of flowers, green grass and the ability to spend more time outdoors with your family. Looking for ideas of what to do with your young ones now that the weather is finally getting better?

Plant a Garden

Go to your local hardware or garden store and pick up some seeds or bulbs to plant. Your kids will love checking on the plants as they grow, and hopefully you'll end up with some delicious veggies or beautiful flowers to enjoy as a family!

Plan a Picnic

Grab a blanket and go have a meal outside with the kids. The easy clean-up is an extra bonus!

Go on a Hike

Spring is a great time to stretch out those legs and go for a hike! Encourage your children to look for different types of flowers, trees and plants.

Head to the Park and Exercise

The Olympics are right around the corner, so get inspired to run jump, and push yourself to the limit just like those that are competing for Olympic Gold. From track and field, to tennis, cricket, volleyball, and more there are tons of activities you and your au pairs can participate in.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Real Simple has a fantastic checklist of fun spring activities or check out our Spring Pinterest Board to help jump-start your planning. Whether it's April showers or May flowers, be sure to get out there and enjoy yourself!

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