6 Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities

6 Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities

Few times of the year are more exciting that than the Holiday Season! During this special time there are gatherings to attend, lots of delicious foods, and plenty of opportunities for au pairs and host families to share cultures. We put together a handful of fun holiday activities and treats for families to enjoy.

Kitchen Cooking Fun

While gingerbread seems to steal the show around this time of year (I know we’re not passing up on any!) we wanted to mix it up this holiday season and share other great recipes that we promise will also be just as fun to decorate as they are to eat!

Melted Snowman Oreos

snowmen craft

Grinch Popcorn

grinch snack and craft

Mini Caramel Apples

make carmel apples

DIY Gifts

Some holiday traditions include giving gifts and what better way for one to show their love than a handmade gift straight from the heart! Below are some fun, simple, and of course, adorable do-it-yourself crafts.

Colorful Wool Coasters

wool coster craft

Christmas Treat Cups

christmas tree craft

Craft Stick Ornaments

craft stick project

Enjoy your holidays! And share what you create with us on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

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