Keeping Your Kids Entertained This Winter

Keeping Your Kids Entertained This Winter

With temperatures dropping and winter almost here, you're likely to be inside with your family and kids! Check out our fun guide to keeping the kids entertained at home during the long winter months!

Build a blanket fort and cuddle up with a good book.

There’s nothing better than getting cozy and warm inside when winter time comes. Build your best fort with your kids using tons of blankets, pillows and whatever else you can find. Be sure to equip it with everyone’s favorite stuffed animals and books. You could even add some twinkle lights or lanterns to make your winter fort extra magical. Then grab your books and settle in for a relaxing and warm afternoon.

Have a board game day.

If going outside isn’t an option, bring the fun inside with some board games. From Go Fish to Twister, there’s a game for everyone. Or, get creative and makeup one on your own! Games can be a great way to teach skills such as counting or new languages - without making it seem like hard work.

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Bake yummy treats!

Brownies, cookies, cupcakes- if you can name it, you can bake it! Take on the kitchen with your little chefs and create some delicious treats for the whole family. Your kids will love being able to help, and your host parents will appreciate a nice treat after a long day. Make sure everyone wears an apron and don’t forget to clean up when you finish.

aupaircare winter activities for kids

Build snowmen, make snow angels

Be sure to bundle up! Grab your mittens, scarves, hats and jackets before you take on the snow. Once everyone is dressed the part, hop in the snow to make some snowmen, snow angels, or even have a safe snowball fight. Dress your snow people in the essentials and don’t forget a carrot nose.

winter activities for kids aupaircare

Bring out the arts and crafts

There are so many fun creations to be made if you’re stuck inside. Grab your glitter and get crafting. The possibilities are endless: bead snowflakes, felt penguins, decorate slippers, ice skating bookmarks, and so on! Bring out your creative sides and spend the day making a keepsake everyone will love.

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