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DIY Halloween Costumes for Infants, Toddlers, and School Age Kids!

Au Pair Family and Halloween

Looking for some fun costume ideas for your little ones this Halloween? We scoured the web and found three great sites that feature DIY costumes for infants, toddlers, and school age children. Parents, kids, and their au pairs can all gather together and make some really creative costumes!

Infants: Taking your infants along for Trick-or-Treating fun? Just because they are still in a stroller doesn’t mean they can’t be festive! Our favorite was this Cabbage Patch Kid stroller from Check out more stroller ideas at BabyGizmo.


Toddlers: For those little ones that are just getting used to Trick-or-Treating, it is helpful to have costumes that are cute but comfortable. This super cute scuba costume from is made from materials you probably have around your house.



Kids: Your school age kids will probably be the most vocal about what they want to wear, but fortunately they are at an age when they can help out! put together a really creative and surprisingly easy list of homemade costumes. Our favorite, is a super easy to make bubble bath costume from  



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