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Activities & Things to Do

Our au pairs and host families work together to plan daily schedules and activities for their children. Caring for children is a full time job requiring full attention, so this section aims to make it easy for parents and au pairs to get creative and try new things throughout the au pair placement. The activities discussed here are a great opportunity for host parents, host kids and au pairs to bond and make lasting memories.


Happy New Year from AuPairCare

New Years is the one of the only universally celebrated holidays around the world. The first place to celebrate is Samoa, an island nation near New Zealand and Australia. The festivities roll out across the world for the next twenty four hours, ending in Hawaii.


    Friday, January 1st
    Au Pair Family and Halloween

    DIY Halloween Costumes for Infants, Toddlers, and School Age Kids!

    Looking for some fun costume ideas for your little ones this Halloween? We scoured the web and found three great sites that feature DIY costumes for infants, toddlers, and school age children. Parents, kids, and their au pairs can all gather together and make some really creative costumes!

    Monday, October 19th
    Au Pair Child in Springtime

    5 Springtime Activities for your Family

    Spring has sprung! Grab your kids and your au pair and try out these family friendly outdoor activities.

    Tuesday, April 22nd