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Activities & Things to Do

Our au pairs and host families work together to plan daily schedules and activities for their children. Caring for children is a full time job requiring full attention, so this section aims to make it easy for parents and au pairs to get creative and try new things throughout the au pair placement. The activities discussed here are a great opportunity for host parents, host kids and au pairs to bond and make lasting memories.

Back to school DIY for au pair's host children

Sharing Cultures: Schultüte

Summer’s almost over, and that can only mean one thing—going back to school! Do you have a little one starting their first year of school? Help them get ready to learn with the German tradition of the schultüte!

Tuesday, August 20th
Au Pair Travel - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Au Pair Travel: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is one the United State's most liveable and accessible cities - let alone a great place for traveling. Its affordability and relaxed attitude mixed with growing cultural spots make the Steel City a must-see place during your au pair year.

Wednesday, June 19th
Au Pair Travel - Memphis Tennessee

Au Pair Travel: Memphis, Tennessee

Known to be the birthplace of blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, Memphis, Tennessee is a great place to live in and visit. 

Wednesday, May 22nd
Springtime Activities To Do With Your Kids

Springtime Activities For Kids

You’ve been cooped up all winter and the outdoors will do everyone some good. Grab your rainboots and kites because you’re finally leaving the house! 

Wednesday, April 24th
April Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day Crafts

While there are many holidays to discover when moving to new place, April 22nd remains the same. International Earth Day is an extremely important day to recognize the beauty of the Earth, as well as take steps to save it. Help your host children discover their love for Mother Nature at a young age and reduce, reuse, and recycle with these Earth Day crafts.

Wednesday, April 17th
Portland, Oregon

Au Pair Travel: Portland, Oregon

Whether it's your 30 day grace period, or you have some vacation time, there are lots of ways to experience the United States during your au pair year in America. This series will give you a head start of things to do and things to see in some of the most popular cities in the U.S.

Wednesday, April 3rd
St. Patrick's Day Recipes and Activities for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Kids

Whether you’re Irish or not, Americans go above and beyond to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Bring the luck of the Irish into your home and make some delicious treats to celebrate one of America’s favorite days.

Wednesday, March 13th
Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

Super Bowl Crafts for Kids

Football season is coming to an end, and that means one thing: the Super Bowl is near! To get ready for the big celebration, be the ultimate fan by making some Super Bowl crafts to share with everyone. Here are some of our favorites:

Thursday, January 31st
Au Pair Travel: St Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota

Au Pair Travel: The Twin Cities, Minnesota

Why visit one city when you can visit the Twin Cities? A great example of the friendly Midwestern attitude, the "Twin Cities" nickname lovingly refers to the two cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul - two big cities only a few miles apart!

Wednesday, January 23rd
5 Ways to Help Those in Need This Winter

5 Ways to Help Those in Need This Winter

Winter time can be great for many of us as we get to spend time with family and friends, enjoying the comforts of our warm homes and plentiful kitchens. However, that is not the case for everybody. Many are left in the cold without food, warm clothes, and shelter. If you can spare your time and a helping hand, it will make a world of difference to those in need. 

Wednesday, January 16th