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Meet AuPairCare's Ultimate Au Pair Runner Up 2017 - Caroline from Brazil

Brazilian Au Pair Caroline

When we went searching for our first au pair, we wanted to find a new member of our family. With Caroline, that is exactly what we found. She has become a big sister to both kids and extension of my wife's right hand and the perfect caregiver for the whole family. She has become more than a person that occupies a room in a house and someone that simply watches over the kids but rather an actual family member. She has the most warm, caring, giving and creative personality. She is able to handle both kids, my wife and myself, all at the same time which, at times, is no easy tasks. We were also looking for someone that would be able to share their culture with the kids and us as well.

Our family has had the pleasure of being introduced to Brazilian food, Brazilian holiday celebrations, music and what it is really like being part of a Brazilian lifestyle. Not only are we as a family getting to experience this new wonderful culture but the kids are being immersed in it as well. I think that our one year old understands more Portuguese than English at times. In fact we would not be surprised if her first words were in Portuguese our four year old is able to speak small phrases, understand certain things and sing songs in Portuguese. On the other side, we have been able to show Caroline how we celebrate things in our culture, introduce her new food and activities that she would not be able to back home. The cultural exchange experience is exactly as we had hope and as a result, we now have Brazil as one of the place that we plan to vacation to as a family.

Caroline is so creative with the kids and we never have to worry that about them just being put in front of a TV while we are away. She always has age appropriate activities planned such as arts and crafts, games and outdoor activities to stimulate and encourage the mental growth of both kids. They always have an "adventure" day where they do something extra special once a week which our son looks forward to every week. As a professional pilot, I am gone a good amount of time throughout the month and Caroline is the ideal replacement for me while I am away, and at times an even better replacement. She has become the right hand of my wife. This has allowed to my wife to free up some more of her time and focus on herself and us. We never thought that having an au pair would bring us closer together as a couple as it has. There was no question that we would have extended her contract for another year and even though we still have another full year left, we are still a bit nervous about what we are going to do at the end of her second year. As we feel a replacement for her will be very difficult becuase she has set the bar so high this entire experience could not have been a better fit on both sides. Caroline is and will always be a very welcome member of our family.

The Sanders Family
Hawthorne, California

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