Featured Host Family: The Dean Family

Featured Host Family: The Dean Family

We love celebrating our au pairs here at AuPairCare. Every year we hold an Ultimate Host Family Contest that celebrates participants who embody the spirit of the au pair cultural change program. Our au pairs, however, aren’t the only ones who make this program great – amazing host families across the country are highlighted as nominees for our Ultimate Host Family contest! California au pair Fiorella from Chile submitted a touching entry about her host family, the Dean family. Read on for more!

Why do you have the Ultimate Host Family?

They are literally the best host family anyone can have, they have made me feel at home!  they fully trust me and I in them, we talk about everything!  In my entire first year that I have been with them, we have NEVER had a problem or discussion.  My host kids, they are my sisters, I really feel that they are my family here.  For me this is really a cultural exchange and not a job, we have a very good relationship, they include me in everything.  And they make me feel like I am part of their family, even the grandparents and friends of my host family treat me as if I were one of their own.


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What special moments can you share?

We have exchanged culturally with types of food, music, liquors, family traditions.  They received part of my family from my country, here in my house from my host family, and like me, they made them feel part of the family.  On the other hand, we had organized to travel to Chile to visit my family this year.  But due to covid19 issues we could not travel.  But it is in the plans for next year, since my host family is very excited to meet all my family too. The positive influence that my host family has on me is that they are really very good people, empathetic and friendly. I have never felt worn out. They always ask me everything, they respect my space, my weekends, my time. We have shared many special moments, such as thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays.

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We moved to another state because my host has a new job, and I had to cope with everything that was the move and change of city, leave friends in my previous city, but despite that, they always asked me about my feelings, and we have supported each other throughout this new and changing process. My host family makes me feel at home since they are always concerned about the foods that I like, the activities that I like to do, I can also invite friends, use the car whenever I want, travel, my host family has an apartment in the mountains, and I can stay there to it if I want to travel for a weekend with friends or family. When my sister and brother-in-law were visiting, they lent it to me as if it were mine. I have my space, my free time and a lot of trust. I REALLY LOVE MY HOST FAMILY, they are the most amazing host family in the USA and they will always be in my heart and they will be part of me.

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