Featured Host Family: The Chin Family

Featured Host Family: The Chin Family

We love celebrating our au pairs here at AuPairCare. Every year we hold an Ultimate Host Family Contest that celebrates participants who embody the spirit of the au pair cultural change program. Our au pairs, however, aren’t the only ones who make this program great – amazing host families across the country are highlighted as nominees for our Ultimate Host Family contest! New Jersey au pair Julieth from Colombia submitted a wonderful story about her host family, the Chin family. Read on for more!

Why do you have the Ultimate Host Family?

My host family has always highlighted the program and made it known to everyone, demonstrating and commenting on the great benefits and experiences that au pairs and families can have together. My host parents stand out for working as a team, and as a new member of the family I have been able to adapt and learn in every way.

They have shown me the great opportunities that I have, thanks to my abilities and attitudes; but not only that, they have also helped me build a better version of myself, they have taught me how to take advantage of all the potential to turn it into a prosperous development as a person.

My parents are very successful people, but they still demonstrate the values of humility (Recognizing mistakes and being open to new knowledge), respect (Recognize the wisdom of the elderly and be kind to new people), love (Keep in mind the situation of others to make each person feel special), and care for others (Understand the situation of people with difficulties and share good experiences with them).

au pair and host mom

What special moments can you share?

They are characterized by being a united and communicative family; my mom has Asian roots and my dad has British roots, but they know first and foremost the importance of respect and equality. They are open to learning and recognizing the great abilities that each person has. As a couple, they have instilled in me to demonstrate my capabilities and work on those weaknesses to turn them into strengths. I stand out for being an active person and they seek to motivate me through challenges and games, in order to find more love and passion for the work I am doing.

Communication for them is fundamental when it comes to recognizing positive or negative aspects of others.
au pair julieth from colombia with host kids outside

I as a person value moments of union and joy with people; they have found moments of dinner together, board games, outings to explore a new place with a lot of forestry, movie nights at home with meals that my host mom prepares with a lot of love, among others. Things like sharing make me think and remember this experience as one of the best in my life. It's worth mentioning that I'm the first au pair they've had and they've valued me to the point of calling my family in Colombia and asking them about my city, my studies, my dreams in order to orient me with the knowledge they have and to advise me to develop skills that will guide me to a successful future.

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