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AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists and Winner

Every year at AuPairCare our au pairs take a moment to recognize the host families that have welcomed them into their homes and lives, and embraced the spirit of cultural exchange. This contest was one of the most competitive ever, but hundreds of entries and many deliberations, we have our list of finalists! Be sure to read the stories of our wonderful host family finalists!

Ultimate Host Family Lawal Family from Texas

Finalist - The Lawals from Texas

From bringing flowers to welcome their au pair at the airport to celebrating milestones together, au pair Arlis from Colombia says of her host family, the Lawals, "I felt the warmth of a loving family. I am happy to say that they are truly a second family, one that I was not born into, but one I can always count on. They will hold a place near and dear to my heart. I love my family."

Ultimate Host Family Griffin Family from Arizona

Finalist - The Griffins from Arizona

The Griffin family made a big impact on au pair Leone from South Africa. She says of their time together, "When I arrived I was accepted with open arms and warm hearts from not only them but their families and their community. We have shared going on 2 memorable years together and I have a feeling our relationships will last forever."

Ultimate Host Family Chin Family from New Jersey

Finalist - The Chins from New Jersey

"They have shown me the great opportunities that I have, thanks to my abilities and attitudes; but not only that, they have also helped me build a better version of myself", says au pair Julieth about her host family, the Chins. The Chins have made a lasting impact on their au pair by showing how being a "united and communicative family" creates meaningful bongs. Julieth writes that she'll "remember this experience as one of the best in my life".

Ultimate Host Family Topala Family from Georgia

Finalist - The Topalas from Georgia

The Topalas have shown strength and resilience during these difficult pandemic moments, and that's why their au pair Annika from South Africa has nominated them for Ultimate Host Family! Annika says "In my time being here I have realized what truly kind people the Topalas are. My host dad who is a physician and my host mom who is a nurse practitioner both offered up their time and skills to help those in need."

Ultimate Host Family Gupta Family from Illinois

Finalist - The Guptas from Illinois

The Gupta family is so deserving of their nomination by their au pair, Jhesica. An au pair from Colombia, Jhesica says about the Guptas "They have really been my family far from home, by always loving me and giving me all of their comprehension and support in all aspects of my life. They always show me their love with actions, they care about me, about my education, and about my personal and professional development."

Ultimate Host Family Kelly Family from Wisconsin

Winner - The Kellys from Wisconsin

From South Africa, au pair Isabella shared how her host family, the Kellys, have made her feel like "one of their daughters". From their strong support and love, Isabella and the Kellys have created a lifelong bond! Isabella says "Little did I know how much of a blessing this family would be to me...they help me to grow. That's what makes them the ultimate host family." Check out Isabella's winning entry here!

Ultimate Host Family Dean Family from California

Finalist -The Deans from California

Way to go, Dean family! Their au pair Fiorella from Chile says, "They are literally the best host family anyone can have, they have made me feel at home! And they make me feel like I am part of their family. I really love my host family, they are the most amazing host family and they will always be in my heart and they will be part of me!"

Ultimate Host Family Mustafa Family from Maryland

Finalist - The Mustafas from Maryland

From sharing cultures to being each other's rock, au pair Melinda and the Mustafa family have become super close. Melinda, from South Africa, says of the Mustafas "I learn so much from then and they love that we learn so much from each others one they made me feel special and part of the family. They give me love, support, and help me grow in life. W have the best relationship. Words can describe how great a family they are."

Ultimate Host Family Hudson Family from Florida

Finalist - The Hudsons from Florida

The Hudson family demonstrates how being a host family is all about "kindness and compassion". Says their au pair Bruna from Brazil, "my host family has always been above and beyond the rest. They constantly show me how much they truly care about me. I feel they really have changed my life. I love them, and they love me."

Ultimate Host Family Derover Family from Georgia

Finalist -The Derovers from Georgia

Making memories during the pandemic is tough, but for au pair Stefanie and her host family, the Derover family, their time together has resulted in a special bond. Says Stefanie, "I truly can say that I found a home and second family in the US. We share so many beautiful memories together and I couldn't imagine to be somewhere else even in hard times. I couldn't have asked for anything more. They are definitely my ultimate host family!".