AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Host Family Finalists

Every year at AuPairCare our au pairs take a moment to recognize the host families that have welcomed them into their homes and lives, and embraced the spirit of cultural exchange. This contest was one of the most competitive ever, but hundreds of entries and many deliberations, we have our list of finalists!

The Au Pair Host Family of the Year contest is more than just a competition; it's a celebration of cultural understanding, mutual respect, and the bonds that form between au pairs and their host families. Each entry tells a unique story of growth, learning, and shared experiences that transcend borders and bridge cultures.

This annual tradition has become a cornerstone of our program, highlighting the deep connections and lasting impacts that arise from these international partnerships.

A Highly Competitive Year

This year's contest was one of the most competitive ever, showcasing the exceptional quality of our host families and the meaningful relationships they've built with their au pairs. We received hundreds of heartfelt entries from au pairs across the country, each eager to share how their host family has made a difference in their lives and embodied the true spirit of the au pair program.

The Selection Process

The selection process was rigorous and thoughtful. Our panel of judges, composed of AuPairCare staff members and experienced program alumni, carefully reviewed each submission. They looked for stories that demonstrated exceptional cultural exchange, support for the au pair's personal and professional growth, and a genuine commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive family environment.

What Makes a Winning Host Family

After many rounds of deliberations, we arrived at our list of finalists. These families stood out for their extraordinary efforts in:

  • Promoting cultural understanding and exchange
  • Supporting their au pair's language learning and personal development
  • Involving the au pair in family traditions and creating new ones together
  • Helping the au pair explore American culture and local communities
  • Demonstrating flexibility and open-mindedness in cross-cultural situations

Inspiring Stories of Cultural Exchange

As you read through these inspiring accounts, you'll discover tales of:

  • Families who have gone above and beyond to help their au pairs feel at home in a new country
  • Cultural misunderstandings turned into opportunities for growth and laughter
  • Joint adventures that have broadened horizons for both au pairs and host families
  • Touching moments of support during challenging times
  • Creative ways host families have incorporated their au pair's culture into daily life

The Impact of Host Families

These stories serve as a testament to the success of cultural exchange programs and the positive impact they have on fostering global understanding and friendship. They also highlight the invaluable role that host families play in shaping an au pair's experience in the United States.

While we can only select a few finalists, every family that opens their home to an au pair is contributing to a broader mission of international understanding and cooperation. Each host family plays a crucial role in bridging cultures and creating lifelong memories and friendships.

Looking Ahead

Be sure to check back for the announcement of our Au Pair Host Family of the Year winner. In the meantime, we hope these stories will inspire current and future host families and au pairs alike, showcasing the beautiful outcomes that can arise from embracing cultural exchange and opening one's heart and home to someone from another part of the world.

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