AuPairCare's Guide to Milestones in Childcare Development

AuPairCare's Guide to Milestones in Childcare Development

Watching your tiny baby transform into a capable being with their own unique personality is a priceless experience. As you help them develop, you’ll want a childcare provider that is on the same page as you - caring not only for the physical needs of your child but also their emotional and social well-being. As a resource for you, we put together a guide to childhood developmental milestones; a lot of this material is based on the training we give au pairs at AuPairCare Academy. In each blog you’ll find the physical, mental, and social development you can expect for your child at that age!

Oh baby! Find out what to expect during the first year of your baby’s life.

infant development

Catch them if you can! Discover what’s going on in the toddler mind and why they are always on the go.


Your preschooler says the dardnest things, find out why in our development of pre-schoolers blog.


How much fun is it to have a grade schooler? See how their social world is expanding.

elementary age kids

Kids grow up so fast. Read about what's important to them during their tween years.

kids in their tween years

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