Childcare Milestones: Development of School Aged Kids

Childcare Milestones: Development of School Aged Kids

In the middle years of childhood, childcare providers will enjoy seeing kids becoming increasingly independent and capable. Theyhave energy to burn, are enjoying school and are building a network of friends. As they mature past their pre-school years, you'll probably see them gravitating toward friends of the same gender and having a deep desire to fit in with their peers.

7 Year Olds

At seven, children are refining the physical skills they've been developing over the past few years. Their improvement in hand-eye coordination helps them in sports and artistic endeavors. Around this age you'll probably find that they have a never ending list of questions from the simple to the complex. They are extremely excited about the world around them. Their social development is at a place where they can play independently and with friends, but may still need intervention from you when it comes to problem solving conflicts with others.

8 Year Olds

By the age of eight the major changes in physical skills year to year isn't as drastic as their first few years of life, rather you'll find they are refining their skills and building stamina. Their attention span is increasing around this age making it easy for them to do one task for a longer period of time. Don't be surprised if they express an obsession with a particular hobby, sport or game " it is totally natural. Around this age a child's friendships are more sustained as they are finally starting to be able to put themselves in the shoes of other people (and respond accordingly.)

9 Year Olds

Stamina and physical control is continuing improve around nine years old. As kids this age become more conscious of themselves and develop a body image, it is important to guide them to healthy food choices and regular physical activities. You've probably enjoyed the level of conversation you have with your children around this age, they are thinking critically and expressing their own opinions. When it comes to social development nine year olds are starting to feel peer pressure but still look to adults as role models. As they deal with children their own age they are much better at conflict resolution and are becoming organized enough to keep track of their own schedules (with a little guidance!)

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