Childcare Milestones: Development of Toddlers

Childcare Milestones: Development of Toddlers

Get ready! Your precious baby has now become a toddler and is always on the go. You'll be spending much of your time on the move as well, chasing, disciplining, playing and loving them. While they may at times try your patience --toddlers are developing their personalities and testing the limits of the world around them.

1 Year Olds

Physically, if they haven't started walking yet it is just around the corner. As the year progress your toddler won't be just walking but pushing, throwing and moving things around. Mentally they will be acquiring words at a rapid pace and starting to link them together to create simple sentences. The social anxiety they may have around being away from their parents is probably readily apparent around this age, but their anxiety typically declines around 18 months.

2 Year Olds

At around this age children are at a stage of development where they can walk more steadily, so expect themto start running jumping and climbing. They may show a readiness to start potty training and are probably starting to play a more active role in dressing themselves. Their mental development is in a place where they can concentrate for longer periods of time, and they may start to enjoy being read to. Sociallytwo year olds may not have gotten the hang of playing with other children, but probably don't mind playing alongside each other. As they don't yet fully have a command of the language, be sure to monitor play with other children closely to diffuse potential disputes!

3 Year Olds

Around three years old children are becoming increasingly more sure of themselves. They can ride a tricycle, catch with two hands and have enough dexterity in their fingers to allow them to use crayons or play with puzzles. You'll find a three year old is mentally very curious. Toddlers are constantly exploring the world around them and beginning to understand even more of it. Enjoy a sing-a-long with your three year old, for the first time they are probably able to understand the meaning behind the melody! Sharing is still a social skill that is yet to develop and a three year old has not quite arrived in terms of comprehending the moods and feelings of others. Still, an older toddler will probably start making friends and learning more social lessons as they prepare for the next step in development, pre-school!

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