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Meet AuPairCare's Ultimate Au Pair Winner 2016 - Elem from Brazil


Elem has been a much-needed and beautiful addition to our family. From day one she was kind, committed, and eager to learn about our life, our family, our culture, and our city. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She has made entire Brazilian meals for our family on a regular basis and we have a few favorites that we request. Even my 1 year old daughter loves trying these new foods. I have been adding these recipes to my collection knowing that Elem will not be with us forever.

She has become an essential part of our family. Not only does she hang out with us for movie nights or doctors visits for my daughter, she has accompanied us on family trips which involve the hustle and bustle of traveling with a 1 year old.

My favorite part of having her around is seeing my daughter's love for her grow each day. My daughter learned to walk and say many things because of Elem. My daughter will yell Elem's name at the top of the stairs to get Elem's attention, and screams with excitement when she hasn't seen her in a short time. She has learned to dance from Elem. Their relationship is beautiful.

I cannot imagine having a better Au pair than Elem. Her spirit and energy is addicting. She is inspiring and we are so blessed to have her as part of our family and watching our daughter while we are working. We know she will do great things in her future wherever she goes next.

- The Reynolds Family, Waunakee, Wisconson

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