Earth Day Rocks! An AuPairCare Celebration

Earth Day Rocks! An AuPairCare Celebration

Every year for Earth Day, AuPairCare strives to give support and raise awareness for environmental protection initiatives around the world in line with our #AuPairCareGivesBack values. This year, our Texas Area Directors Ana McGee and Leslie Marks upheld our #AuPairCareGivesBack values on Earth Day by hosting a wonderful event at the Bedford Library in Texas.

au pairs celebrate earth day

The au pairs had a wonderful time, sharing food, stories, and playing games together. In addition to learning about the Bluebonnet, the State Flower of Texas, the Au Pairs donated hand-painted rocks to the library’s Rock Garden and sprinkled wild flower seeds in the library’s wild flower garden.

The Area Directors shared how thankful they were for the warm and peaceful day. Au Pair Hadassah from South Africa said, "Our Au Pair Events are some of the highlights of my month!"

She continued: "Ana & Leslie are brilliant at getting everyone together with a fun activity or two. When homesickness hits hard, these events are perfect. It's almost like a giant family reunion every month! The event in celebration of Earth Day was peaceful and relaxing. "

Au Pair Saynur from Turkey also enjoyed her time, saying, “It was such a great activity to relax. We all painted rocks and made new friends, including our ‘bro au pairs’.” Au Pair Saynur added that she was grateful to her area directors because of their kind and compassionate nature. She concluded that she was “really happy to be part of this program because it changed my life.”

At AuPairCare, we are proud to come together to protect our planet and mitigate environmental damage. By participating in community activities like these, we believe we can inspire wide-reaching change and improve conditions through our individual and collective actions.

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