Racing Towards a New Year's Goal!

Racing Towards a New Year's Goal!

This year, Au Pair Camy from Ecuador had a challenging and exciting New Year’s resolution: run a half marathon. In January, Camy accomplished that dream by participating in the Chevron Houston Marathon & Aramco Half Marathon race–-a prestigious event annually attended by over 25,000 people.

“I wanted to participate in the Houston Half Marathon because I love running in my country where I was doing trail running,” Camy told AuPairCare. “This was my first asphalt race.”

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Camy's host family, Host Mother Charmaine and Host Father Chris, were very supportive of her dream. “Since Cami became a part of our family, we discovered her love for running,” said Charmaine. “She would always go run after her work hours, so I told her about the annual Chevron Marathon. She was very excited and we knew then that we would offer our support."

"As her host family in Houston, we wanted to be a part of her very first marathon in the USA!” Charmaine added.

Chris dropped Camy off at the starting line before the race, and Charmaine and Chris even followed her on electric bikes during the race.

"The race passed very close to the house where we live, so they drove electric bikes and followed me during the tour," said Camy. But Camy was so focused on finishing that she didn't even notice! "What's funny is that I didn't see them because I was very focused and with the music at full volume in my headphones," she said.

They were even there to cheer her on and meet her at the finish line with a beautiful sign!

Camy trained for months in preparation for the race, with her goal to finish the race in under two hours—which she did, in 1 hour and 57 minutes! Of her accomplishment, Camy said she is “so proud of herself” and also grateful to her host family for their support. “Having this experience with people who value you being there to support you was incredible,” she said.

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