Ultimate Au Pair Finalist, JunYun Ann from China

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist, JunYun Ann from China

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Is this my house? Are these my 3 rambunctious kids all playing happily? As I walked into the playroom, the walls were covered in artwork, my kids were playing games yet all other toys were put away, there was an activity board full of stickers and accolades and not one kid was crying or complaining. As a matter of fact, nowadays my kids really only complain about not being able to spend more time with Ann.

Ann is our amazing Au pair who has been with us for 3 months and has made our small world into a little paradise. You may think I am exaggerating but I honestly don't have one negative thing to say about her or our experiences with her. Even my family members who were initially skeptical of me hiring a young woman from another country to join our family now all think I am the genius for having found someone as great as Ann. What makes her so great? Where to begin|

She is|

Genuine! I've learned a lot about her in the past few months and she is everything she says she is. No surprises! She understands who she is as a person, believes in herself, carries herself in a loving and caring way. She's the type of person whom you can feel her good energy and spirit when she walks in a room even before she speaks. Having a young daughter, I am refreshed knowing she has someone so poised and confident to model herself after.

Loving! She cares about our family and wants what is best for us the way a mother wants what is best for her own kids. She misses them when they are away and finds joy in the little things they do. I completely trust her with the care of my kids because she is a part of our family and not just someone visiting.

Honest! Ann is not shy to speak up or share her thoughts. It's comforting to have someone with whom I can talk to so openly and trustingly. There's no guessing or worrying whether she is being truthful and open.

Organized! She is a woman with a plan! She came prepared to play, teach, engage and discuss. She records every activity, her thoughts and the experiences of the kids. When we discuss the activities of the day or week she can tell me what new things the kids learned, how long they've played or napped, what and how much they ate and if she doesn't remember, it is written down. I didn't ask or require such detail but she does it anyway.

Tidy! With 3 kids, it is amazing that our house isn't falling apart but it's not only still intact it stays orderly (at least whenever she is around :o)

Intelligent and Wise! She makes an effort to share what she knows life, culture, education, language and much more with everyone in the family. We have great conversations on so many topics but my favorite is her approach to life. She lives by a philosophy based in finding inner happiness and the decisions she's made in her life are reflective of this philosophy, including her decision to become an au pair.

Laid Back and Fun: She loves to play and doesn't take things to serious. Although she is a responsible adult she has a lot of kid in her and she seems to be having as much fun as the kids. She is no stranger to hard work, planning, organizing but she is also very flexible. She often comes up with great things to do on the fly and if one plan doesn't work she's on to the next great idea.

Great Cook: My kids don't always eat my food but they always eat hers|Lucky me!!

Honestly I could go on and on! As far as I am concerned Ann is a permanent part of our family. I know it is not easy adjusting to a new culture, living in a strange place with people you have never met but these things don't seem to bother Ann. We also have a large family complete with a 3 month year old, an almost 2 year old, a 5 year old and not to mention the grandparents, cousins and aunts who are in and out. Ann doesn't come from a big family with a ton of siblings but she takes her experience here serious and has made every effort to learn to care for multiple small children and adjust to multiple adult personalities. We are so grateful to have her! She is the Ultimate Au pair!

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