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Ultimate Au Pair Finalists of 2015

Read amazing stories from families on why they have the top au pairs

Every year we read hundreds of entries from host families sharing with us how their au pair has changed their family for the better and made a huge impact in their lives. Meet 2015's 8 finalists and read their stories below.



Brazilian Au Pair Mayara, Ultimate Au Pair Winner 2015

First Place Winner Mayara

Read about Brazilian au pair Mayara and the Benassini Family in Northern California

Czech au pair Svetlana and her host family

Runner Up Svetlana

Read about the Gubbay Family in New Jersey and their Czech au pair Svetlana



Chinese Au Pair JunYun

Finalist JunYun Ann

Read about the Peoples Family in Georgia and their Chinese au pair JunYun Ann


French Au Pair Jessica

Finalist Jessica

Read about the Kirby Family from Arizona and their French au pair Jessica

Colombian Au Pair Maria

Finalist Mafe

Read about the Sutermeister Family from Minnesota and their Colombian au pair Mafe 

South African Au Pair Une

Finalist Une

Read about the Hillyer Family in Georgia and their South African au pair Une

German au pair Hanna

Finalist Hanna

Read about the Fusco Family from Texas and their German au pair Hanna

British au pair Dani

Finalist Danielle

Read about the Clayton Family from North Carolina and their British au pair Danielle