Hear From a Host Mom: A Role Model For Our Daughter

Hear From a Host Mom: A Role Model For Our Daughter

Ana has been an extreme and outmost amazing addition to our small family of 3. Ana has proven time and time again by her countless acts of generosity and willingness to go above and beyond the duties of an au pair. Ana has adapted and began apart of our family with such ease. Often times on her off-time she comes along with us and participates in almost all of our family functions. She has barely missed out on family events, outings, and milestones. Her dedication to us has been overwhelmingly amazing and pleasant. She made the transition seamless and painless. Ana has joined us on numerous family vacations as well just another gesture of how well she has blended with us.

au pair and family bonding at a baseball game

My daughter tells everyone stories about "her" Ana. When Ana is off on her weekends and goes away with friends to sight see my daughter misses her and we always have to call or facetime her so they can have a moment of time together. Ana is extremely involved and on top of my daughter's wellbeing, doctor's appointments, school schedule, activities and tries to attend most if not all events when possible. Even on her off-time, if she is not doing something she will attend classes with us and come along for the ride. She always encourages my daughter with nice, warm thoughts and words. Even when she does bad, Ana never loses her patience. Instead she explains and redirects my daughter in a positive way, making It a learning process for her. I know when it is time to say goodbye it will be extremely difficult for each and every one of us.

She has assumed the role of the "big" sister to my 4 year old daughter. My daughter looks up to Ana as a role model and even tells people that she is her big sister.

On our most recent family vacation to Disney world my daughter show a Frozen pin of Ana and Elsa and asked me to purchase it so that she can give the Elsa half to Ana and my daughter keep the Ana part so that they can always remember each other and have each other with them even when they are far apart. Moments like these are simply irreplaceable and priceless!

The Lessey Family from New York

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