Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Cassie From France

Ultimate Au Pair Finalist: Cassie From France

Learn more about one of our 2016 Ultimate Au Pair Contest finalists, Cassie a French au pair living in Massachusetts.

Besides being our daughter Marah's best friend, Cassie has shown herself to be amazing in an emergency situation. Only three months after she joined us, my grandmother passed away and I needed to fly out of town. A few hours after I left, Cassie was alone with our 2 year old daughter, when our daughter suffered a seizure for the first time ever. Although our daughter was non-responsive and blue, Cassie did not panic, she got my husband home, called 911 and got an ambulance to our house (having only been speaking English for a short period of time). She helped my husband pack a bag for the hospital and after all of that managed to clean up so that when I got home I was able to just focus on my daughter. Her ability to deal with a very scary situation was well beyond my expectation. Her quick thinking and calm response was exactly what we needed. In addition to being my hero that day,

Cassie has brought a lot of laughter and fun into our house.

She speaks French with our daughter and spends a lot of time cooking, baking, dancing and laughing with her. My husband is also from France and having Cassie here has given my daughter and me more exposure to French thinking, traditions and language. She has become the fourth member of our little family!

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