AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists

AuPairCare's 2021 Ultimate Au Pair Finalists

Every year at AuPairCare our host families take a moment to recognize the au pairs that have come into their lives and embraced the spirit of childcare and cultural exchange. This contest was one of the most competitive ever, but hundreds of entries and many deliberations, we have our list of finalists! Check out the highlights of our wonderful au pair finalists for Ultimate Au Pair of the Year!

Winner! Antonia from Chile

Antonia from Chile

Antonia is an au pair from Chile who means the world to her host family. Read how she's become a member of their family, a big sister to their children, and a rock in the middle of challenging times. Read the whole entry from the Kimble family here!

Finalist Sakurako from Japan

AuPairCare Ultimate Au Pair 2021 Finalist

aupair from japan

Host mom Maiko describes au pair Sakurako as "We couldn't have had a better big sister to share such critical years...Amelia and Jonah aren't the only ones who gained a sister - I also feel I have a little sister here. We know our lives will feel so much different without Sakura". Way to go, Sakurako!

Finalist Magda from South Africa

aupair from south africa

Her host parents describe Magda as a "superstar, best of her kinds, and that is the epitome of 'ultimate'." Magda, only 19 years old, immersed herself in a new culture and as host mom Michelle puts it, "jumped right in and integrated with our family seamlessly".

Finalist Tamires from Brazil

au pair from brazil

From helping her host family with the birth of a baby boy to helping her host family adjust to tricky COVID restrictions that affected her family, Tamires is an amazing champion for the entire au pair program.

Finalist Angie from Colombia

au pai angie

In addition to being a major help to her host family, Angie has also brought creativity, culture, and fun to her host family. "In addition to our family being enriched by someone from a different culture, Angie has given us so much more. She is so patient, very driven...knowing Angie could handle everything for the kids from day to day was a huge mental load off for me."

Finalist Selay from Turkey

au pair from turkey

Featured Au pair from Turkey

"Selay has exceeded every imaginable expectation and have us a new normal that brings us so much joy every day. Together, we transitioned from surviving to thriving." We are so proud of you, Selay!

Finalist Eliana from Colombia

au pair from columbia

Eliana - Featured Au Pair from Columbia

Every au pair brings something special to their host family, but au pair Eliana has gone above and beyond. Says her host family in Seattle, "Eliana and Toni laugh and learn through their days, patining, reading, dancing, learning Spanish, and practicing critical skills for independence. She is constantly helping Toni to discover who she is and teaches with deep love on how to be a kind, fun, empathetic, and compassionate person."

Finalist Pamela from Ecuador

au pair from ecuador

Pamela - Featured Au Pair from Columbia

Pamela has proved to be the guiding light during these uncertain times for her host family. From her initiative to take on virtual learning with her host child to bringing the tastes of Ecuador into her host family's home, Pamela is so loved. "I can't think of a more deserving candidate who could navigate these times and do it with more grace, compassion, and selflessness." Congratulations, Pamela!

Finalist Celina from Germany

Aupair Celina

Celina - Featured Au Pair Germany

Celina's host family, the Stanisch's, see her as a true gift to their family, "She has been an incredible addition to the family and continually demonstrates a resilience that is wonderful to see in a young adult. It's not always easy with a special needs child to find someone who can not only meet Roslyn's physical needs, but to love her unconditionally for who she is."

Finalist Edilaine from Brazil

aupair edilaine

Edilaine - Featured Au Pair from Brazil

Edilaine will always be an important member of her host family. Form supporting both of her host parents when they were called away for work, to helping serve the community, Edilaine ("Dih" to her family) came into their lives at the perfect time. Says her host family, "Dih was the answer to our prayers!". 

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