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Part 2: The Best Indoor Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

Top Indoor Activities for Kids While Staying at Home

Last month we shared twelve of our favorite games and activities for young kids while the whole family is at home. Check out part two of our tried-and-true ideas for keeping kids busy for hours! ​

  1. Throw an indoor fashion show: Put on your favorite gear or even some of Mommy and Daddy’s old clothes and show us your best catwalk!
  2. Make a time capsule: Have your child collect items that represent 2020! Then, put it in a hiding spot for you all to open up on an agreed-upon future date.
  3. Create a kiddie day spa: Self-care is also for kids! You can do a manicure, pedicure, foot soak and finish with shoulder massages. Bonus points if you do cucumber slice eye masks!
  4. Have a reading marathon: Pick some books to read aloud together.
  5. Have a dance party: Turn your living room into a kid’s club! Turn up the tunes and show off your best dance moves!
  6. Write your own story: Have your kids switch on their imagination and write their own adventurous story! When its complete, read your stories to each other.
  7. Do shadow puppets in the dark: Turn the lights out and create shadow puppet show using a lamp!
  8. Do a science experiment: Using household items, experiment and make some mind-blowing discoveries!
  9. Try to learn origami: Follow along with videos for step by step instruction on making your own origami animals!
  10. Have a movie marathon: Watch an entire series of movies! For example, watch every Harry Potter, Toy Story, or Star Wars movie.
  11. Create a gratitude or vision board: A vision board will help your kid start their goal setting journey with ease and FUN!
  12. Cook an international meal: Think of a country you would like to visit and prepare a meal from that country’s cuisine!
  13. Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest: Do you know all of the styles of paper airplanes? Recreate these paper airplanes and see which flies the best.
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