4 Secrets to a Successful Holiday Season with your Au Pair

4 Secrets to a Successful Holiday Season with your Au Pair

The holiday season is a favorite time of year at AuPairCare because of the wonderful experiences that host families and au pairs can have together. Au pairs look forward to experiencing this festive season through the lens of an American household. Here's a few ways you can work together to make this holiday season great.

Explain Your Family's Traditions

Each household celebrates the holidays in different ways and what may seem normal to you could be completely new for your au pair. Tell your au pair how your family traditions were formed and ask her what she does to celebrate. Sharing these stories highlights the cultural exchange component of the au pair program!

Be Clear About Scheduling

Even if you have a set schedule each week for your au pair, it's important to have an extra conversation regarding scheduling during the holidays. Your au pair may want to celebrate with friends, travel or assume that she has certain days off. Keep your au pairs' requests in mind when determining her work schedule and be sure to clarify what activities are considered on or off duty.

Spend Time Together

Inviting your au pair to join your holiday celebrations will go a long way in making her feel like family. Your au pair is eager to experience the American culture, and this is a perfect opportunity to make that happen. You could ask her to join you in your holiday preparation or to prepare a dish or activity from her home country. Not matter what you decide, get your au pair involved.

Exchange Holiday Cards or Inexpensive Gifts

Both your family and your au pair will want to remember this special time spent together, so have a conversation with your au pair regarding gifts. Discuss how much to spend on presents and think about what you can give your au pair that she'll cherish, whether it is a heartfelt card or a photo of the kids. If your family sets out stockings for Santa, make sure you have one for your au pair!

Happy Holidays, from our AuPairCare family to yours!

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