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Staying Positive, Healthy, and Active While Staying at Home

Brazilian Au Pair Ana and her Host Kids Playing Outside

Ana is an au pair from Brazil and lives with her host family New York. Like many of us across the country, her and her host family are following stay-at-home orders to keep everyone safe and healthy. Host mom Angela and host dad Ankur both work as medical professionals and are extra mindful of the importance of making sure the entire family remains in good health in both body and mind. Together with her host parents, au pair Ana has come up with a few great ways to keep her host children engaged and entertained while school is temporarily closed and the kids are at home. Host mom Angela shares that au pair Ana is Ana is keeping the kids smiling and active, and coming up with creative homeschooling activities like drawing, decorating around the house (and car!), and also brainstorming safe outdoor entertainment like hikes in their local area, or even playing in the backyard. Check out some of the great activities Ana has planned for her two host kids!

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Spending time together as a family during these uncertain times has definitely helped kids and adults keep a positive mindset! Host mom Angela says of Ana, "She is the glue keeping the family together. She is family." 

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