Meet AuPairCare's 2015 Ultimate Host Moms

Meet AuPairCare's 2015 Ultimate Host Moms

Meet our 3 Ultimate Host Moms for 2015!

Stephenie, Host Mom in Washington, DC

Nominated by her Belgian au pair Tatiana

Ultimate Host Mom 2015 Stephenie and her Belgain Au Pair

"Stephenie is definitely the host mom I was dreaming of. We have an amazing relationship and share great moments together. We discuss a lot whether it's about Elisabeth's needs, how we feel, things we wanna do, random topics. We laugh a lot and have so much fun together. Sometimes we don't even need to talk to understand what the other thinks of, a simple glance at each other is enough. Stephenie perfectly understands me and really knows me. When you live abroad far from your family and friends, you need someone who is able to listen to you without judging you, to understand you and to advise you. Stephenie is definitely that person in my life in the US. She exactly knows how I feel and when I need her. It's why I never call her or Scott my host parents but real sincere friends that I'll hopefully have forever."

Susan, Host Mom in Canton, MA

Nominated by her Brazilian au pair Denise

Ultimate Host Mom 2015 Susan and her Brazilian Au Pair

"Being an AuPair is not easy! But one thing is true: if you are going to live for one year in another country you will need to be around people that care about you. And that's why my Host Mom is so amazing: because SHE CARES! When I first got in the USA I didn't know what to expect and how to act in many situations, but Susan helped me a lot and soon I was feeling home. She always treated me as part of the family and shared everything with me: her home, her time, her experience, her fears, her peanut-butter, her healthy life style and the list just goes on...   I know I can talk to her about anything, and also count on her to help me with whatever my problem is. We always have a great time together and this makes all the difference in the world!!!"

Jodie, Host Mom in Naperville, IL

Nominated by her Czech au pair Marketa

Ultimate Host Mom 2015 Jodi and her Czech Au Pair

"Jodie is "ultimate host mom" for me. I wouldn't change her for anything in the world. I can't count how many times I heard "your hm's awesome" and I can't disagree. Jodie is not just my "host mom", she is my second mom, my friend, my sister.. She is a strong, intelligent person with one of the biggest hearts I ever met in my life. She didn't just open her heart and mind to me, but also to my "real" family and my friends. Jodie always knows how to make me laugh, what to do to make me feel better. Words could never express how much I'm thankful to have her in my life. I love her so much and I couldn't have asked for a better "host mom". Jodie is the host mom who every au pair dreams about, and every au pair should be lucky enough to have."

Thank you to everyone who sent us their stories - Now make sure to go tell your Host Parents how much you appreciate them!

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