Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Czech Republic

Au Pair Country & Culture Highlight: Czech Republic

A beautiful and culturally rich country, the Czech Republic is a great place from which to choose an au pair.Young Czech people are accustomed to sharing household duties and helping with child care, making them a great fit for many families. Au pairs from the Czech Republic often describe themselves as being flexible and excited about the au pair program, and the number of Czech au pairs in our pool is growing every year.

Country Facts: The Czech Republic has rich origins all the way back to the Great Moravian Empire. The capital city of Prague has a bustling tourism industry because of its many beautiful castles, palaces, and historical sites. The primary language of the country is Czech.

English:English classes are required for all Czech students beginning at the age of 9 and include both written and spoken coursework, so the majority of Czech au pairs will have very solid english.

Driving: The diversity of driving environments in the Czech Republic generally makes au pairs from the country strong drivers. The qualification test for the country includes both theoretical and practical driving elements, similar to the driving test in the United States. Au pairs from the Czech Republic are likely to be used to much smaller vehicles and may find American cars, trucks, and SUVs to be intimidating when they first start to drive in the US.

Communication Style: Communication styles for Czech au pairs can be both formal and slightly indirect. Families my initially take this to mean their au pair is quiet or reserved when it could be that they are trying not to offend, so be sure to communicate openly with your au pair.

Cooking: If you've had the sweet treats that are popular in Central Europe, it's likely that you have the Czech Republic to thank. With any luck, your au pair will be able to offer some delicious dessert recipes like fruit dumplings and apple strudel!

Highlight: The Ignis Brunensis is an international firework competition held annually at the end of May and beginning of June in Brno, Czech Republic. Attracting thousands and lasting about two weeks it is presented outside the city center on the nearby Brno Dam where the effects of the fireworks are magnified by its reflection from the water.

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