Czech Au Pair Tana Brings Cultural Exchange to the Demkin Family

Czech Au Pair Tana Brings Cultural Exchange to the Demkin Family

Our family grew by one person in 2013 when Tana became our au pair. She came to us from Opava in the Czech Republic. When we spoke to her over Skype and read about her, we thought she would be a great au pair. Now we know that she will always be a member of our family.

After we all decided to extend early last year, we made a decision to visit Tana's family in the Czech Republic. We had spoken to her family over the computer, and we wanted to see the place where she grew up. It was our children's first trip to Europe and it was unforgettable! Our kids were exposed to the amazing buildings, food, and warm culture of Tana's country. We met Tana's parents and brother, and her dog Max. Her parents showed us around their town and cooked traditional food at their cottage near a lake. They took us to a local castle that was spectacular!We had many dinners together learning about how different and yet how similar things were in our respective countries. Our experience truly was a cultural/family exchange.

Everyday we appreciate Tana. The best part about Tana is that she brings positive energy to our family, and Cate (7) and Trevor (5) adore her.The kids have busy schedules and Tana is so organized and fun that she inspires the kids to relish their day. She has become a great partner in supporting our kids academic and physical growth.

Both my husband and I work and we will come home to the kids enjoying a 'dance party' in their pajamas in our family room. On another day, we came home and the kids were playing in a fort that they all designed together with blankets and pillows. The smiles on their faces brightened the end of a long workday.

Tana has great ideas and has done so many memorable things for the kids, like take them to the beach, local parks, and museums. She has been so open to exploring the area around us, and the U.S. in general. She has really inspired us to travel more and plan more ways to show our kids all that the U.S. (and the world) has to offer.

As her time with us is coming to an end this year, we want her to know how special she is and what an amazing impact she has had on our family. She even helped us interview new au pairs! We know she will always be a part of our family and that our kids will have a lifelong friend!

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