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Community News

We take great pride in supporting the AuPairCare Community, which is made up of families, au pairs, Area Directors and AuPairCare staff all over the world. In this section stay up to date on what our au pairs and host families are up to around the country, as well as AuPairCare initiatives and awards. 

Live-in au pairs in Oregon volunteering at Children's Book Bank

Au Pairs Volunteer at Children's Book Bank

Earlier this year, au pairs in Portland, Oregon spent time volunteering at a local book bank for children. Au pairs Isa and Keletso shared how meaningful their volunteering work was by stating "It is good to know we have people that care about child literacy. This work makes [us] believe that the outlook for the future generation will be bright."

Wednesday, April 29th
AuPairCare au pairs attend a San Francisco Japanese cultural event

Au Pairs Attend Annual Japanese Festival in San Francisco

In January, au pairs in the San Francisco Bay Area attended a special traditional cultural event that happens each year - the Japanese Mochi Pounding Festival. Read on to hear what au pairs thought of this colorful New Years tradition!

Wednesday, February 5th
Long Island AuPairCare Au Pairs Participate in the Festival of Trees

Long Island Au Pairs Participate in the Festival of Trees

For over 10 years, AuPairCare au pairs have participated in the Festival of Trees, a community event on Long Island that raises funds for the Cerebral Palsy Association. 

Wednesday, January 22nd
AuPairCare au pairs volunteer at the 2019 NYC Marathon

Au Pairs Participate and Volunteer at the NYC Marathon

AuPairCare was proud to cheer on Eric and Adrien, two AuPairCare au pairs from France that ran in the race, and over 60 local AuPairCare au pairs sponsored by the Department of State that volunteered at the annual NYC Marathon!

Wednesday, November 27th
Texas Au Pairs Volunteer at Party for Children with Special Needs

Texas Au Pairs Volunteer at Party for Children with Special Needs

Au pairs in Fort Worth, Texas spent their weekend volunteering at a birthday pool party for children with special needs, after being inspired by their local Area Director.

Wednesday, November 6th
Pennsylvania Au Pairs Assist with Pittsburgh Walk

Pittsburgh Au Pairs Participate in Walk for Apraxia

In early September, a group of Pittsburgh-based au pairs participated in the Walk for Apraxia, an annual event held in 70+ cities across the United States that raises funds and awareness for apraxia among community members who have never heard of the disorder. 

Wednesday, September 25th
Au Pair Becomes A Weekly Volunteer at Her Host Child's School

Au Pair Becomes A Weekly Volunteer at Host Child's School

Like many that choose to do the au pair program, Marijana, an au pair from Macedonia, had a great interest in childhood education and development. To expand her knowledge and experience she decided to become a weekly volunteer at her host children’s elementary school in Louisville, Co.

Wednesday, August 28th
Au Pairs Volunteering with the SOME Organization in DC

Au Pairs Volunteer with SOME in Washington, D.C.

In Washington DC, nearly 1 in 5 residents’ live at or below the poverty line and struggle to meet even their basic needs. In an effort to do their part, AuPairCare au pairs based in Falls Church, Virginia had the opportunity to give back and learn about the homeless situation in the DC Metro Area by volunteering with SOME.

Wednesday, July 31st
AuPairCare Au Pairs Tour the White House

Au Pairs Tour the White House

Earlier this year, AuPairCare au pairs spent the day learning about American history and culture when they visited the White House in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, July 10th
Au Pairs Volunteer at LA Marathon with Department of State

Au Pairs Serve at the LA Marathon

Last month, California au pairs gathered at the LA Marathon to volunteer at a Department of State-sponsored water station. “Cultural Exchange” was the chosen theme for the water station, which was complete with au pairs, local foreign exchange students, and other J1 visa holders.

Wednesday, May 29th