Volunteer Service: Supporting Children in Foster Care

Volunteer Service: Supporting Children in Foster Care

In Colombus, Ohio, AuPairCare Area Director Monika Jakesova organized an event with Au Pairs from her cluster to brighten the lives of children in the foster care system by creating hand-made quilts and writing meaningful and encouraging messages. The activity was designed to give children a sense of comfort, love, and recognition. One way we build cultural and global connections is through giving back to those in need. Au Pairs were extremely dedicated to writing a special and meaningful note for each child who would receive one.

The Au Pairs who participated in the activity said they felt a deep sense of gratitude for what they have in life, back at home, and during their program year.

Amanda from Brazil said - “Making those blankets was a gesture of kindness, and with no doubt it made me think about how valuable is to help foster care children and have more empathy and compassion for the little ones. I'm glad I could make a difference in their lives somehow.”
make quilts for foster kids
Pabie from South Africa said - “Being a part of the blanket making process for foster care children was a beautiful experience for me. It made me realize how blessed I am and to appreciate what I have.
au pairs quilting

It was a great day for Au Pairs from around the world to come together and create an impact in the lives of children in the United States. This day of volunteerism and service for our communities while building global connection is what it means to be an AuPairCare Au Pair.

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